Expert Metal Roofing Contractors in Southwest Florida

Metal roofs make for an attractive addition to any home or business while providing various benefits beyond curb appeal. At Roof RX, we have a team of expert metal roofing contractors who are skilled at providing a wide range of residential and commercial services.

When you need a metal roof installation or replacement, we employ expert techniques using high-quality materials to install a long-lasting roof. We also offer repair and maintenance services to keep your roof in top shape. As a dependable metal roofing company, we have extensive experience working on various metal roof projects for businesses and homes in Southwest Florida.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Whether you’re looking to install a new roof to upgrade the look of your property, or your current roof has reached the end of its life span and requires a replacement, there are plenty of reasons to consider metal roofing. Here are a few benefits of metal roofs:


One of the main reasons to choose metal roofing is its excellent life span. A properly installed and maintained metal roof can last for approximately 60 years.


Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather and provide adequate protection against the impact of hail, storms, high winds or other extreme weather.
Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Metal roofing requires minimal maintenance and offers water-resistant and durable properties.
Fire protection

Fire protection

Metal is noncombustible and ideal to keep buildings safe, particularly in areas that are prone to fires. In the event of a fire, your roof is not at risk of catching fire.

Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, styles and materials, including copper, aluminum, zinc and steel. Here are some of the most popular metal roof types used in both residential and commercial applications.

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Choose Roof RX for Exceptional Metal Roofing Services

At Roof RX, we have technicians that specialize in metal roofing. We are proud to serve the Southwest Florida area and tackle any roofing project that comes our way. For expert metal roofing services for your home or business, contact us online to request an estimate.